At Traynors Garage, the customer has 3 warranty options which can be included as part of the deal as long as certain criteria is met. The following warranty options available are:

Gold Warranty


  • 12 Months / 15,000km (Whichever comes first)


  • Vehicle has less than 100,000km
  • Vehicle less than 8 Years Old

Silver Warranty


  • 6 Months / 7,500km (Whichever comes first)


  • Vehicle has less than 150,000km
  • Vehicle less than 10 Years Old

Bronze Warranty


  • 3 Months / 4000km (Whichever comes first)


  • Vehicle has less than 200,000km
  • Vehicle less than 12 Years Old

Traynors Garage Warranty Details


  • Parts and Labour on Non-Serviceable Mechanical and Electrical Items*
  • Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Recovery in the Event of Breakdown

Does Not Include:

  • Parts and Labour on Serviceable Mechanical and Electrical Items*
  • Wear and Tear*

In the event that a customer would like additional warranty cover for their vehicle we are able to facilitate 3rd Party warranty options are. We work with MAPFRE who are a leading supplier of Warranty, GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) and Roadside Assistance products in Ireland. MAPFRE’s tailor-made packages are designed to meet the specific demands and challenges of the modern motor dealer, manufacturer, and motorist. For more information on MAPFRE warranty packages, contact us today.